If you ask me New Year’s Day is made for lazing around the house in your jams, drinking coffee, and watching movies. That’s how to start the year right.

I just finished watching “To Sir, With Love” starring the great Sidney Poitier. Man… what a good flick. But what struck me most was the moral framework of the film, and how much culture has changed since 1967. (The year the film was made.)

Poitier’s “Sir”, or “Mr. Thackeray”, is faced with the task of teaching a class of belligerent, and undisciplined Cockney teenagers whose ill-mannered (and downright offensive) ways quickly bring him to the breaking point. When he finally takes control of the situation, and has the class sitting before him, he lays out the rules for behavior in his class.

First: the young ladies“, Thackeray begins. “They must prove worthy of the courtesies we will show them. Soon, boyfriends and marriage will concern you. No man likes a slut for long. Only the worst type will marry one.

Thackeray then turns his attention to the boys. “Next: men. I’ve seen garbage collectors who are cleaner. Toughness is a quality of the mind like bravery, honesty and ambition.

Such distinct, proper, and clearly defined roles of human sexuality is unheard of today. Mr Thackeray would be considered offensive in today’s classroom.

On the subject of marriage he states: “To my mind, marriage is no way of life for the weak, the selfish, or the insecure.” …Oh yeah, this would not go over well today.

Moving into 2014, we now live in a world where transgender kindergarteners (yep) now have the right to choose whatever bathroom is consistent with their chosen gender identity. (Don’t believe me?) …The world has gone crazy.

What challenges the Bible-believing Christian will face as a parent, a student, or simply as an individual in the coming year remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: the world is getting darker.

Truth is out of fashion, sanity hangs by a thread, and common sense has gone the way of the buffalo.

…But last I heard Christ is still Lord. So, let the world’s politically correct storms continue to blow- it only makes the light of Christ that much brighter.

So, hold it high this year, folks. Shine His light on the world’s crazy, and give Him all the glory.

God bless!