Let’s face it, being a happily married, conservative, Bible-believing, born-again Christian and a father of two living in this world isn’t easy… especially if you live around New York City.

The truth is, some days I can see the hand of God all around me, but some days I feel like I’m living in crazy-land. And since the eyes of most of the people I come in contact with glaze over when I dare to say what I really feel about things, I decided to create a place where I could unpack my mind a bit.

That’s really what this strip is: a collection of thoughts from a God-lover who is very much out of sync with the culture he lives in.

My goal is to spark a thought, or maybe generate a smile, but more than anything to start some interesting conversations. So please, let me know what you’re thinking.

I’m hoping to post a new strip every Monday, and though life is pretty jam-packed these days I’ll do my very best to keep it up.

So, there it is. I hope you dig what I’m doing.

God bless.



In the early 90’s I was a freelance comic book penciler who worked around the clock putting other people’s ideas on paper, but after a while I grew increasingly frustrated at not having the time or energy to put my own ideas down.

But the real cause of my frustration came from lack of inspiration, because even if I had all the time in the world I wouldn’t have known what to do with it. I had nothing. Zilch. Bupkis.

Now, you may not believe this, but working through the wee hours when your wife (and the rest of the world) is asleep, listening to bad talk radio, and going for days wearing the same T-shirt and sweatpants without ever leaving your apartment is not a recipe for creativity.

No, I’m serious. It’s not.

So one day, tired seeing me walk around looking like an unmade bed, my wife said to me: “You need to go outside. You can’t put anything out if you’re not putting anything in. You can’t get something from nothing.”

Something from nothing, you say? Hmm… The phrase stuck in my mind, and as usual, she was right.

I took her advice, forced myself to actually put on footwear, and I went outside. Oh sure, the sun burned at first, but not long after that I started drawing these simple strips whenever I had a moment to myself.

The idea was to just put down a thought or a feeling, maybe in the form of a gag, maybe not. I did a bunch, and people seemed to like them, but for whatever reason I put the idea down, and moved on to other things.

That was 15 years ago, and now I figure it’s high-time to dust the idea off, get the gears turning again, and bring the strip out for all you beautiful people to enjoy.

Rock and roll, my friends. Rock and roll.



So, who is this Steve Crespo? Well…

I am the middle of three sons. I was born in Manhattan, raised in the Bronx, but I’ve never considered myself a city boy. My dream has always been to live in the country where it’s green, and quiet.

Growing up I always had a comic book in my hands. I read a lot, and daydreamed even more. I still do.

I graduated from the High School of Art and Design, went on to the School of Visual Arts, but didn’t care enough to graduate. I did meet my future wife there, however so, you know… score!

I’ve always been a cynical and moody guy- okay, I still am- and in 1993 I was into the whole leather jacket, long hair, rock n’ roll thing. I hated the world, and by “the world” I mean people.

Then one day I received a call from an old friend who I hadn’t heard from in years. We talked for some time just catching up, and before I knew it I was sitting there on my bed, pouring my heart out to him. All the hatred, all the fears, all the frustration that I never knew existed came flooding out. (I suppose anger and pride only goes so far.) And there, sitting on the edge of my bed with the phone to my ear, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ, and I have never been the same.

Later, my friend said the Lord told him to call me. I believe him.

As for inspiration I love the paintings of John Waterhouse, Alphonse Mucha, and John Singer Sargent- the writings of CS Lewis, and Chaim Potok- and the music of Johnny Cash, Metallica, and the Sex Pistols.

I love the films of Hayao Miyazaki, Ridley Scott, Akira Kurosawa, and the Coen Brothers, and if they were ever to tell the story of my life on the big screen I’d cast Toshiro Mifune as me. Yeah, okay, he’s Japanese, I’m not, and he’s… well, dead. But so what? Details. Details.

I now live in Westchester County, NY with my beautiful wife, my two beautiful kids, three guinea pigs, and a python named Bonecrusher: The Next Generation.

I am happily addicted to coffee, I am a compulsive chess player, I am jealous of birds, and I dream of being Zorro.

Life is good… EN GARDE!