There is a fantastic series of blog posts that examines the anti-feminine attitude saturating today’s pop culture as it concerns how women are portrayed. It is provocatively entitled “Saving Science Fiction From Strong Female Characters”, and you can find it HERE on John C. Wright’s Journal.

Essentially, Wright highlights all the wonderful differences there are between men and women- discussing the equal yet opposite natures of our strengths, leanings, and abilities- and how our politically-correct, and increasingly progressive culture, not only promotes an unnatural and potentially damaging image of women, but actually despises what God has designed and called “good”.

It’s great, great reading, and I would encourage you all to investigate, but I want to share briefly a small discussion I had.

I was talking with a couple of friends, and I brought up the topic of Wright’s posts, seeing as they were both sci-fi fans and women. I thought they might enjoy them.

No sooner had the words left my mouth- that men and women are amazingly different- than their guards went up. I could see a visible change in their countenances. They began to object (I won’t go into details), but then I went said something that brought the most amazing response.

I actually said, “women’s bodies are designed to have children”.


GASP! Never has a more offensive statement been uttered since some radical fool last noted that bird’s bodies were designed to fly. Or, at least that was the impression from the reaction I got. Eyes slightly widened, breathes were sharply taken, and postures became more erect.

Now, the point I was making was that if a woman’s body is physically designed to bear children, then why would we not also expect that a woman’s mental/emotional wiring is designed to raise those children? Basically, given the hardware, shouldn’t we also expect the proper software? Call me crazy, but that makes sense.

But it was on later reflection that my friend’s reactions actually saddened me. This is what the progressive Left, and radical Feminism has done to out culture: it has take the most noble and vital function of a human being- to bear, raise, and guide the next generation- and so degraded it that the very mention of it is an offense.

The progressive Left, and radical Feminism has actually gone so far as to consider the unborn child as dangerous, and a parasite, or in the word’s of our President, a burden.

The progressive Left, and radical Feminism has taken the blessing of motherhood and made it as symbol of oppression, lost potential, and unfulfilled dreams. It has taken the single most important human function- and the wonder of femininity and it’s fulness- and made it foul.

If that is not the work of the devil, then I don’t know what is.

My two friends have been blindfolded, drank the Kool-Aid, and bought the T-shirt without any clue at all. That breaks my heart.

But, as the icing on the cake, the next day I overheard a snippet of a conversation that makes my point beautifully, and shows so perfectly the reality that the progressive Left, and radical Feminism have worked so hard to destroy.

I was returning to work from lunch when I saw two women embracing in the lobby of my building. One had just returned from maternity leave, and as her friend held her in her arms she asked, “Did you ever think you could love anything so much in this world?

The woman answered with a huge smile, “No.

And there it is: the beautiful reality of true femininity and womanhood in the midst of a culture that hates it.

Check out John C. Wright’s Journal if you get a chance. It’s worth it.