Test The Cambodia Chronicles: Hopeless

It’s hot in Cambodia. Really hot. …And humid.

But the hottest month of the year is April which was, of course, the month we decided to go on our first visit. Being a New Yorker, hot and humid weather is nothing new, but this was a different level. It was in the mid to high 90s every day, and thought it cooled at night, believe me, it wasn’t by much. But some days, especially while in the jungle of Siem Reap, it was easily into 100s. Easily.

My friends kept exclaiming how hot it was, and downed fruit smoothie after fruit smoothie looking for some relief. But I quickly discovered a way to deal with the stifling heat, and I now pass it along to you in the hope that it will affect your life as it did mine. It is simply this: Lose all hope.

Forget about ever being cool ever again, because it’s not going to happen. In fact, there is no coolness. Give up hope. It doesn’t exist. You will always be hot, because hot is all there is. So, you might as well smile, drink hot coffee, and eat hot soup. Go for it. Dive in. Love the sweat. Embrace it.

To my complete surprise, once I “believed” I began to enjoy the heat, and while my friends fought it, I found it actually felt good, kind of tingly.

…And in a weird way, now I kind of look forward to really hot days. They remind me of hot coffee, sweaty friends, and the beauty we discovered on the other side of the world.