In April of 2012, two friends from my church and I took a trip to Cambodia.

We went to meet the saints at Water of Life, a Christian church/home in the heart of Phnom Penh that ministers to, and houses young men, women, and children who are either orphaned, mistreated, or simply in need.

We all left not knowing what to expect, and we could NEVER have guessed the impact that trip would have on our lives. We came home absolutely changed.

Cambodians are a beautiful people that still bare the scars of the Khmer Rouge revolution that decimated their country during the 1970‘s. It is a country of extremes- I saw some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and stood in the presence of the blackest evil I can ever imagine.

But today, though the culture is ripe with corruption, human trafficking, and all manner of spiritual darkness, there are those in Cambodia who live their lives to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost people. Through the saints at Water Of Life the Lord is doing a most amazing work. The darkness is being pushed aside, and people’s lives are being utterly, and completely transformed.

Some months after my trip, my very good friend, Gus Cantavero, went to visit Water Of Life. He too was struck by what he saw, and what the Lord is doing in Cambodia. So much so that he made a movie: A Drop Of Water.

Take a minute or two to view the trailer HERE, and let Gus know what you think.

God bless.