In April of 2012, two friends from church and I took a trip to Cambodia to meet and spend some time with the good people at WATER OF LIFE, a church/orphanage in the heart of Phnom Penh.

I should say that anyone who knows me well knows I don’t like flying- I mean, I really don’t like flying- and when the initial call for anyone interested in going to the other side of the world was given at my church my first response was, “you’re out of your mind”.

But one of the things I love most about the Lord is that you never know what He is going to do next, and for reasons of His own He changed my heart on the matter, and I went.

That first trip blew me away. Cambodia is a beautiful country- tropical, lush and green- but one that still bares the deep scars of war and genocide. Yet, for all the suffering just a generation ago, and in spite of the evidences of crushing poverty that lay everywhere, I found the people to be kind and welcoming.

But, it is the young men and women of Water Of Life that are the true jewels of Cambodia. If you were to sit, and listen to their testimonies you would hear stories of abuse, oppression, loss, and even possession- you would hear stories that would utterly rend your heart- and you would also hear how each had a life-changing experience with the Lord of Lords, and the Healer of Healers- Jesus Christ. You would hear stories of freedom.

The level of faith among these young people is almost tangible, and their boldness and drive to share the Gospel amongst their peers, their families, and those both in the city and in the outer provinces was a wonder in itself. They are tireless, and their joy is infectious.

In the short time we spent together a bond was established, and we truly embraced each other, not merely as believers in the same God, but as family.

Sixteen months later- just a few weeks ago- I took a second trip, this time with my daughter. I wanted her to see the things I saw- things of total beauty, and things of total evil- and see the world for what it is. And more than that, I wanted her to meet the amazing people at Water Of Life, to share her gifts, and to make her own connections. It was a great trip. (Plus, it was the rainy season which was an experience in itself. Wow.)

It’s impossible to put all my thoughts into one post- there is just too much- so, I will be posting a series of strips in the hopes of sharing those things that Cambodia has given me. I just need to actually draw them first… so give me some time.

Until then, I’ll be sharing a few pics, a few stories, and a few stray thoughts as they pop into my head. (So, be sure to follow via the FaceBook, and the Twitter!)

Thanks, all. God bless.

Choum reap lia.