Does inner peace come with age?

Does inner peace come with age?

Inner peace is the feeling of tranquility or serenity in spite of all the stressful factors in life. In fact, being at peace with oneself means neither stressed nor anxious. It is difficult to find inner peace for many reasons, like stress from work, pressure from the peers or from the society, conflicts and arguments in our surroundings, and maybe also because of the environment we live in.

It is common to see that elderly people seem wiser, more relaxed and calmer even in difficult times than younger people. In general, younger people tend to lose their temper faster; also, younger people worry much about everything than the elderly. However, this statement does not mean that any elderly person has self-control and inner peace. In this article, we will see whether inner peace comes with age. Before answering that question, let us have a look at how to find inner peace.

Does inner peace come with age?

How to acquire inner peace?

Prem Rawat created The Prem Rawat Foundation to raise awareness of the necessity to quest for inner tranquility and universal peace. According to him, it is necessary to initiate people in peace education which is based on hope and inner strength. This implies that anyone can attain inner peace as long as they are willing to have it.

In fact, inner peace is a state of mind, which can be cultivated. Here are some ways that individuals can adopt to find inner peace according to their conviction: 

  • Inner peace can be attained through some techniques in yoga and through meditation
  • Breathing exercises may promote serenity
  • Through martial arts, it is also possible to nurture inner peace
  • You can cultivate inner peace through religion

Inner peace is in us

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, said: "That peace which is within us, we must experience it. And if we are searching for peace outside we will never find the peace within". In fact, he means that inner peace is in every individual, and that it is not necessary to find peace somewhere else, from another person, or from the outside world.

He wants to emphasize that this calmness, which is very much sought after, is already inside each of us. Inner peace is closely linked to enlightenment and happiness. Through clear guidelines from a spiritual coach, it is possible to acquire peace within or mind tranquility as long as someone is willing to receive it.

Inner peace can be attained through prayers and belief

In the Christian religion, it is possible to be at peace even at a very young age. King Josiah, for example, began to reign in Jerusalem when he was only eight years old, and he ruled that peaceful nation for thirty-one years. Besides, Jesus said he makes his peace to his disciples, and that his peace is different from the kind of peace that the world gives. He also urges his disciples not to let their hearts troubled.

His message means that anyone who believes in and keeps his words can acquire inner peace or enlightenment and live in happiness. Therefore, in Christian religions, it is possible for any believer to receive mind and heart tranquility regardless of their age. All things considered, it can be said that inner peace can come to anyone at any age, as long as they are willing to find it.