What type of mediation to practice for inner peace?

What type of mediation to practice for inner peace?

Meditation is one of the paths to attain inner peace in us. There are several kinds of meditation. Each one has its specific, unique characteristics. What makes them similar is that all types of meditation can be used for the same purpose, which is to establish serenity.

Prem Rawat is a peace ambassador who shares his words of peace about the importance of peaceful mind and heart. In fact, he said that inner peace is within us. He also maintains that it is essential to cultivate inner peace in each individual. Meditation is one of the ways to do so. What type of meditation should be practiced for inner tranquility?

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What type of meditation to practice for inner peace?

Breath awareness meditation

Breath awareness meditation consists of making slow, deep breathing; meanwhile, the practitioner has to clear his mind of any thoughts, but to focus uniquely on breathing. This method promotes mindful meditation because the person is aware of his breathing. It promotes the ability to concentrate and lessens anxiety or stress. It helps the participant to control their emotions.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation consists of keeping the practitioner's mind on the present time. The aim of this method is to foster the ability to leave past lives behind, and move ahead in life. This type of meditation is essential to induce inner peace and reach current goals. This technique can be practiced anywhere, wherever the individual is, even if they are in a public place, or in the open air, as long as it is calm.

Mindfulness meditation can boost memory, and free the individual from self-guilt or any other negative emotions due to unsuccessful past lives.

Zen meditation

Zen meditation involves sitting in specific postures, which might be rather difficult without the guidance of a spiritual coach. This method helps promote well-being and peace within. The practitioner focuses on their on-going thoughts and observe these without being judgmental. It is combined with breathing techniques and other steps.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation aims at raising the practitioner above their current state of being. That is what to transcend means. The individual remains seated and repeats a series of words or mantra given by the coach. Then, the practitioner repeats the words several times until they reach a state of readiness to transcend above themselves.

This method can be for example used to overcome any fear or any stress. To have a satisfying result, it is advisable that beginner practitioners who are in search for inner serenity meditates once a day at the same time, under the guidance of a coach. Yet, once they get used to doing it, it is necessary to meditate more than once a day.

Prem Rawat, who created The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) to help those who are in need of calmness, also advises on meditation to reach the inner harmony. By taking part in humanitarian initiatives like at this foundation, it is also possible to promote self-fulfillment and become fully at peace with oneself.